Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Makers

This summer your children are going to need something to cool them down after a hard day’s work of playing outside. The great thing about them playing outside is that they are getting the fresh air that you can never seem to make them get during the school year. However, this causes them to be very warm and very hungry. When there is no pool to jump in why not create a delicious snack that will fill their tummies and cool them off?

The Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker is one of the more basic ice cream makers that they make. When compared to many of their other machines – like the Cuisinart supreme ice cream maker or the Cuisinart frozen yogurt ice cream maker this is much more simpler. This easy to use machine with its basic design is perfect for smaller families who will Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Makernot use it as often throughout the year.

The Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker is built with a base that is motorized and a bowl that has been filled with a liquid that will freeze the ice cream base. It also comes with a paddle to combine and create the ice cream and a transparent cover that lets you watch while it works. Making ice cream using this machine is easy to do. All you have to do is pour in your ice cream into the bowl and turn it on.

The freezer bowl – which holds 1 ½ quarts – is the type that must be placed into your freezer 24 hours before using. It only has one speed that will make your favorite ice cream in only 20 minutes. When your machine is not in use it is best to leave the freezer bowl in the freezer so that it will be ready whenever you need it.

Because it cannot make several batches in one sitting the Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker is more suitable for smaller families. It will make soft serve ice cream that is even more creamy than the kind that you could purchase from a store. However, once it is in the freezer for awhile it will freeze up and you may have to leave it out for a few minutes to soften it up again. This machine costs around $50.